5 stars for the Hydrogen Cream!!

"I spent two weekends in a row moving my daughter to her new place, working twelve-hour days carrying boxes and couches and dressers, etc up and down stairs. I forgot to use it the 1st night and barely slept. The 2nd night I put the cream on (twice as instructed) and couldn’t believe how much better I felt! The pain was seriously almost eradicated! Started putting it everywhere. I was able to sleep comfortably that night and the next weekend too after a 14 hour day!! I am 55 years old, so WOW!!"

-Jenna W.

...Pain relief after fall

"I fell and landed on my head. Active Hydrogen Professional Cream was one of the remedies that helped me get back on my feet! I massaged it into my neck and shoulder." -Tristan S

I am so glad I gave it a try...

"I have used the cream several times before bed on my jaw and my neck and it seems to help me not clench or grind my teeth so hard. I'm waking up with much less pain.

"I also used it for inflamed nerves after a dental procedure and it completely relieved the dull ache I was feeling."

-Paige S

...I can get back to sleep...

"I woke up in the middle of the night with intense nerve pain, the worst I can remember. I used Active Hydrogen Professional Cream and was able to go back to sleep quickly."

-Barb R

...it works so fast!

"The pain relief is truly amazing. Within a few minutes of the second application, my hip and leg pain is gone and I can sleep." -HJH


"Before Active Hydrogen Professional Cream I tried everything to help with my arthritis.  Now I just rub in the relief and I'm good for the day."  -Jessica K