Molecular hydrogen and soft tissue injuries

In a scientific study on professional athletes, the effects of using oral and topical molecular hydrogen after acute soft tissue injuries (tendons, muscles, and ligaments) were investigated. In this study, hydrogen was included as an addition to conventional sports injury therapy, which included icing, rest, bandaging and other standard procedures. Hydrogen was used for two weeks, and in addition to taking hydrogen tablets (2 grams per day), gel-packagings were also applied on the injured area 6 times a day for 20 minutes. The athletes were monitored immediately after the injury and then after 7 and 14 days during the recovery phase, during which the sensation of pain at rest and during movement, the passive joint mobility, the swelling of the injured tissue as well as several inflammatory markers were measured.

The combined use of oral and topical hydrogen resulted in a significantly reduced inflammation and improved joint mobility after sports injuries
of muscles and tendons.

On the other hand, the other parameters did not change during the recovery of the sports injuries, nor were significant side effects of taking molecular hydrogen registered. This study indicated the possible beneficial effects of a 2-week hydrogen intake as an addition to conventional therapy of soft tissue sports injuries.

Prof. Dr. Sci. Med. Sergej M. Ostojić
Center for Health, Exercise and Sports Science, Belgrade